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Hi, I'm 3un0s and as you may've guessed after reading the Home Page I like ThinkPads and I've gathered quite a few of them over the last years, apart from ThinkPads I like Free Software, programming in C and writing shell scripts in my free time (and as you'll be able to see I don't like ISO keyboards).

ThinkPad x200

The first ThinkPad I bought, the one that started the journey and the one I like the most but I'm unable to use it because of some nasty Linux bug that prevents it from suspending. I bought it because I wanted to have a librebooted machine, runs stock BIOS now because of bugs in coreboot.

ThinkPad x225

The second ThinkPad I bought and my main machine right now. Technically it's a ThinkPad x220 with an x230 motherboard in it, I did that mod because the x230 motherboard was cheap af (100 PLN - including the cooler!). Overall it's a great machine and I don't think I'll be upgrading to anything else in the coming years, there's just nothing better than it.

ThinkPad x61s

Third ThinkPad I bought just for the sake of having one with a 4:3 display, I know I might sound like a consoomer right now, but hey, at least I didn't pay much for it. Overall a great machine but the fan is small and thus very loud and the screen is CCFL-backlit so it's pretty dark by now. You can feel the keyboard becoming worse and worse with everything after this one.

ThinkPad x41

The latest addition to my collection and the only IBM-made one I have. Also it's the biggest steal here as I only paid 25 PLN for it (I found one on ebay just now for 340 PLN). Now this one just screams quality, you can clearly see IBM just went all out instead of thinking what they can compromise like Lenovo does. Anyway it's not really usable in this day and age but still really cool.

ThinkPad t430

The only T-series here and technically not my laptop as I bought it for my parents, anyway this one has almost the best specs (i5 instead of i7) and was one of the better purchases I made (really lucked out here). My parents are happy with it (how couldn't they be), runs Arch Linux and Windows 10 in a VM. Although it has the newer chiclet keyboard, it's the better one as the newer ones are even worse, will probably replace it for a classic keyboard sooner or later.

by 3un0s