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Muh ThinkPad x225

What's a "ThinkPad"?

It's a brand of basically the best laptops in the whole world, trust me. Why are they so good? Because they're made to be used by people (you could even say abused), they're durable, easy to service, great looking and most importantly they have a TrackPoint which wipes the floor with trackpads/touchpads and mice.

But muh MacBook

Just shut up! Your MacBook may be great looking,have high performance and great battery life but it's not gonna last as long as a ThinkPad would, it won't let you replace the RAM or your hard drive, hell it won't allow you to run apps unless you connect to Apple servers... uh, and Apple is probably the most anti-consumer brand in the world, you don't need your MacBook, just buy an old ThinkPad and be happy for once (just don't use Windows).

What about newer ThinkPads?

Well it's common knowledge that newer ThinkPads (x240/t440 and everything after that) aren't as good as the older ones. The change that hurt ThinkPad lovers the most was the move from the oldschool 7-row keyboard to a newer chiclet one, which in itself isn't that bad but along with that they got rid of a lot of useful keys and moved them around. Lenovo is also trying to appeal to the masses and makes changes that are absolutely unnecessary like getting rid of the trackpoint buttons in the xx40 series or making the devices ridiculously thin by removing user-replacable RAM or hot-swappable batteries and with that making it overheat because the cooling system is a joke. You can obviously see that the newer ones don't hold a candle to the older ones.

What's this site about?

Besides roasting other laptop brands I'll try to put up some useful things for all of ThinkPad users, like backups of original BIOSes, modified ones without WLAN-whitelists and other bullshit, backups of HMMs and other official documentation. At some point I'll make guides on how to install modified BIOSes, I'll try to set up a database with all the specs and shit. Oh, and also there'll be a section where you'll be able to showcase all the ThinkPads you own, pretty cool, eh?

That's it, just use a ThinkPad.

by 3un0s